Being a car enthusiast, you must know that cars require proper maintenance to stay in good condition. Taking your car to professionals like Automotive Excellence from time to time is a great way to maintain your vehicle. Taking care of your vehicle can help maintain your car and reduce repair and replacement expenses. 

We can divide the maintenance routine of your car into two facets: 

Short-term check-ups

Oil and coolant levels

You need to check the oil and coolant levels before long road trips. Low oil and coolant levels can damage your engine. Check your owner’s manual to determine the minimum and maximum levels. Don’t change or check oil and coolant levels when your car is hot.

Air filters

The air filters in your engine prevent debris and dust from going inside the engine. Clean air filters are essential to maintain your car’s fuel efficiency and improve the life of your car engine. 

Tire pressure and tread depth

Another essential maintenance activity you need to do is inspect your tires. You can visually inspect your tires for damage cuts and low air. Make it a habit to check the air pressure in your car once a month. You should also check the tread depth with a gauge. 

Oil and filters

For your engine to keep running smoothly, you need to ensure that it has enough engine oil. Engine oil acts as a lubricant and a sealant against debris and also prevents corrosion in your engine. That’s why your engine oil needs to be clean; you need to change the engine oil at least every six months or after every 6,000 miles.  

Rotate tires

Rotating your tires helps maintain the tread pattern of your tires and extend their life. It also helps balance your tires and reduces noise and vibration issues. 

Long-term check-ups

Transmission and transfer case fluid 

Just like the engine oil, transmission and transfer case fluid keep your transmission functioning smoothly. Getting your transmission and transfer case fluids checked every six months is critical to keep your car’s mechanisms in good condition. 

Inspect shocks and struts

The shock absorbers and struts in your car protect you and your car when your vehicle passes on bumpy roads. However, over time, they deteriorate, and you need to replace them. Get your shock absorbers inspected by a professional after 50,000 miles. 

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are critical to starting your car as they power your vehicle when you start it. If spark plugs don’t run properly, your car won’t run at optimal capacity. Get your spark plugs checked by professionals when you notice a decrease in your engine’s power. 

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