Car shows are the perfect place for car enthusiasts to learn about cars and have fun. From old vintages to the latest models manufactured by famous brands, you can see all of these in car shows. Car lovers in California have an abundance of car shows yearly. However, it is impractical to visit them all. Hence, you need to find the best ones and see them. 

Here are some of the best car shows in California that you should not miss out on if you’re an avid car enthusiast.

Temecula Old Run

Temecula Old run is one of the coolest and most fun car shows you must attend in California. It is a two-day event filled with car shows for classic cars from all over the country. Many other fun activities, food, and rodeos make the whole event an enjoyable adventure. 

The Orange County Auto Show

If you are in Orange county and want to experience one of the best car shows in California, don’t miss out on the Orange County auto show held at the Anaheim Convention Center. You can see over a hundred cars and also test drive the debut models from famous car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. 

Sacramento Autorama

Sacramento Autorama is what you are looking for if you prefer indoor car shows to outdoor ones. It is one of California’s oldest indoor car shows that is held for three days. The next one is in April 2023. You can see over 500 cars from all over the country competing for awards and recognition at Autorama. 

Modesto Annual Graffiti Classic Car Show

Another mention-worthy car show in California is the Modesto Annual Graffiti Classic Car Show held at McHenry village shopping center in Modesto. Here you can see some of the rare classic beauties of the car world. Apart from witnessing the classics, you can enjoy live music, food, and raffle drawings during the show.

Los Angeles Auto Show

It is one of the largest car shows in California, with over thousands of cars on display from giants like Ferrari, Maserati, Tesla, and Lamborghini. You can also see customized variants and supercars that are rarely ever on display, at this show. It also allows you to take your kids along for the ride. There are a lot of fun activities and games where kids can participate as they explore the cars. 

Fresno fly-in and car show 

If you want to take your car show experience to the next level, Sierra Sky Park’s Fly-in and Car Show is a must-visit. Here you can see some of the best cars on display, along with helicopters and airplanes. 

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