All classic car owners are proud of their prized possessions and want to showcase them to everyone. However, showing off these rare beauties on the road isn’t safe, nor does it do them justice. You should showcase your favorite classic cars only at a car show. There are over 65 classic car shows in the United States where you can participate and even win prizes. But for that, you need to ensure your classic car is in top condition. 

Here’s how you can prepare your classic car for your next car show.

Ensure your car’s mechanisms are perfect

The first thing you must ensure when prepping your classic beauty for a car show is to get the mechanism perfect. Get it checked by a professional mechanic company like Automotive Excellence, Inc to ensure the engine, suspension, and other mechanisms are working correctly. Don’t forget to pump up the brakes, as people often overlook them. It’s also a good idea to take it for a drive to find any issues.

Focus on interior and exterior touch-ups

Your car must look stunning when you are displaying it at a car show. To prepare your vehicle for the show, ensure to remove any scratches, marks, or blemishes on the car’s interior and exterior. Take your classic car for a touch-up and remove all the stains from the upholstery, dashboard, and flooring, and use a protective layer to maintain its freshness. 

Remove all the scratches, swirls, and marks from the exterior as well. You can also touch up the car with new paint to make it look new and shiny again. 

Use a custom license plate

An average license plate will only dull its beauty if you have a classic car that stands out in the crowd. To make your car show-ready, replace your everyday license plate with a custom one. It will enhance your car’s looks and catch more eyeballs at the show. 

Don’t forget the trunk

One thing many people often overlook when prepping their car for a car show is the trunk. Know that the devil is in the details. Ensure that your car’s trunk is clean and free of any irrelevant everyday items. You can also modify it so that it does not ruin the overall look of your car. 

Arrange for transportation

If you don’t plan on driving your car to the car show, which is a good idea as it can get dirty and damaged on the road, you should arrange for secure transportation. Hire professional car movers who can safely deliver your car to the correct location and help you set it up. 

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