Driving your car without proper brakes poses a grave threat. You can end up in an accident, injuring yourself and damaging your car severely. Maintaining your brakes is critical for your car’s performance and safety. Your car’s braking system is a complex piece of engineering, but it is ‌easy to maintain. Following the proper techniques, you can ensure that your brakes are always in excellent condition.

Here’s everything you need to know to maintain your brakes. 

Check brake pads and rotors

Brake pads act as the link between your braking system and tires. They are what stop your tires from turning when you press the brakes. When they stop the tires, they create friction which heats the pads, damaging them over time. If you notice that you have to push harder than usual or there is a burning smell when you press the brakes, it is time to replace your brake pads and rotors. 

Flush your brake fluids

When you press your brake pedals, pressure is transferred to the brake pads through the braking system. The brake fluids make the hydraulic pressure in the cylinders in the system when you press the brakes. Therefore, brake fluids are a critical part of your braking system. 

However, brake fluids are liquid and attract moisture from the environment to the braking system, leading to corrosion and damage. You should change the brake fluids every 25,000 miles to prevent such damage. 

Replace or upgrade brake parts

Your car’s braking system comprises multiple components that work together to ensure that your brakes work correctly. Over time, these components face wear and tear, and you need to replace and upgrade them to ensure that your brakes are in good condition. For example, you can switch your old slotted brake discs with heat-resistant or ceramic brake pads.

Bleed the brake lines

When you replace your brake fluid, it is also a good idea to bleed the brake lines in your braking system. Brake lines may end up with air over time and bleeding them with fluids removes the air in the brake lines. You should do this every 3-4 years to keep your braking system in good condition.

Braking system care

Apart from taking care of the braking system, there are some driving and overall maintenance rules that you should take care of to ensure that your brakes are not damaged. They include:

  • Not overloading your vehicle.
  • Avoiding braking unnecessarily or braking late.
  • Avoiding driving in wet weather without proper precautions.

This will help reduce stress on your car brakes and maintain them in great condition for extended periods. 

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