With gas prices reaching an all-time high, taking out your car for regular drives can be heavy on your pocket. While you cannot do anything about the rising fuel prices, you can reduce your car’s fuel consumption by applying certain techniques. These techniques are better driving practices and care maintenance tips that enable your vehicle to increase its mileage. 

Here are some ways to reduce your fuel consumption. 

Keep your tires pumped up

Keeping your tires pumped up is one of the easiest ways to enhance your mileage. Under-inflated tires create more friction and have higher rolling resistance. When that happens, your car needs more power to run every mile and burns more fuel. Keeping your tires pumped up always reduces friction and enhances your car’s mileage. 

Lose some weight

The heavier your car gets, the more fuel it needs to remain in motion. If the boot space is filled with old tires and other trash you won’t use, it is best to throw those things away. Only keep essential items in your car and never overload it.

Drive with AC on

It is a common belief that when you drive your car with AC on, it uses more fuel to power the AC. However, if you drive your car at higher speeds than 50 miles per hour, it is best to drive with your AC on. The wind resistance is very high beyond that speed, and your car needs more power to maintain that speed. Keeping the AC on reduces that resistance force. 

Drive consistently

If you have the habit of fluctuating the speed of your car while driving, it may be the reason your fuel lasts less. Driving at constant speeds is the best way to increase your car’s mileage. Avoid going too fast or too slow to maintain your fuel efficiency. 

Don’t press the brakes too hard

Pressing down hard on your brakes every other minute can significantly increase your fuel consumption as you will have to keep accelerating. Avoid driving too close to the vehicle in front of you, and don’t tailgate. 

Stop idling

Keeping your engine on when you wait for someone is another common reason for excessive fuel consumption. If you have to wait for someone for more than 2-3 minutes, do so after turning off your engine. 

Service your car regularly

Your car’s internal parts, such as the engine suspension and brakes, are critical to ensure fuel efficiency. Get your car serviced per manufacturer’s instructions or miles per hour. You can also get your car serviced if you feel something is wrong. Servicing ensures your car engine is well-oiled and has the necessary oils and coolants to keep running smoothly. 

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