Rains and cars don’t have the best relationship as rains bring moisture and dirt which can damage your vehicle. However, they are unavoidable, so the best thing you can do is to prepare your car for the rainy season to ensure your vehicle has foolproof protection against rain. While you might already know some of these tactics, others can be new information. 

Here are some car care tips to keep your car safe during the rain. 

Get your car washed and waxed

To protect your car against rain, the best thing you can do is to get your car waxed before the rains start. Waxing creates a hydrophobic layer on your car’s surface that prevents water and other impurities like mud and dirt from sticking to your vehicle, making cleaning afterward easier and protecting the paint. 

Check the tires

Your car tires contain grooves that expel water and create traction to ensure they don’t skid during rain. However, old and worn-out tires provide little traction. If you have such tires, replace them with new ones before the rainy weather starts.

Check the wipers

If you don’t use the wipers often or clean them, they can get dry and brittle, leaving marks on your windshield and reducing visibility during rains. In that case, replacing the wipers before the rains start is best. 

Inspect seals

Seals are the rubber linings around your car’s doors and windows that prevent water from leaking inside your vehicle during rains. Ensure they are not damaged, and there is no leakage. If you find any leaks, replace the seals and grease the door hinges to make them completely leakproof. 

Do a battery checkup

Malfunctioning car batteries are common during the rainy season; if your battery malfunctions in the middle of the road during rain, you can be in trouble. To prevent that, get your battery checked before the rains start and get it replaced or repaired if there are any issues. 

Check the brakes

Brakes are an essential element of your car on any day. Get your brakes checked before the rains to ensure they are in good condition. Get any issues fixed in your brakes immediately, as brake failures can lead to fatal accidents. 

Wash and dry your car after the rain

Many believe leaving their car in the rain is a good way to clean it. However, rainwater corrodes your vehicle. The chemicals and dirt particles also get deposited on your vehicle. Hence, always wash your car after rain and towel dry it to prevent water spots. 

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