Maintaining your car can feel like an inconvenience from time to time. Changing the oils and coolants to filling tires can add to an already overfilled work schedule and budget. However, car care experts and enthusiasts can tell you that a few small maintenance activities here and there can save you a lot of money and trouble over the years. That’s why it is essential to diligently perform these maintenance routines. 

Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to avoid major repair costs in the long run.

Check your spare tire

Most car owners know they must keep the tires inflated and fill them up every two weeks. However, most car owners forget about their spare tires. The spare tire needs as much attention as the primary four tires. If you don’t do that, you may need to replace your main tire, and when you pull out the spare, you may find it flat. And that’s when you will have to call an expensive tow truck. Check your spare car’s air pressure monthly to ensure it is in good condition.

Change the oil

Not changing your car’s oil can cost you a lot of money. Oil problems can cause you some of the costliest repairs as it directly affects your vehicle’s engine. Hence, replace the oil in your car every 5000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Replace the brake pads

Another car maintenance activity that you need to regularly do is replacing your brake pads. When you hit the brakes, if you hear a creaking sound, the most probable reason is your brake pads are about to give in. The best option is to replace them at the earliest.

Get your windshield wipers replaced

Windshield wipers are not used to run your car but are an integral part of your car as they keep the windshield clean for clear vision. If your windshield wipers are not working properly, you should immediately replace them. If you delay, your vision can be hampered, leading to accidents. The dirt buildup on the windshield can deteriorate the windscreen, which can break and is costly to repair. 

Check your coolant

Just like the engine oil, another component of a car is coolant. When your car runs, the engine heats and the coolant keeps it cool enough to prevent fire. You need to replace the coolant in your vehicle according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, you risk yourself and your car against serious problems. 

Rotate tires

Another maintenance activity is rotating your tires from time to time. Your car’s tire deteriorates differently depending on the position. To prevent one tire from deteriorating too much, you must rotate them. 

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