When it comes to cars, nothing beats a classic. If you own one, you know that already. Classic cars are a great addition to any car collection but require proper maintenance and care to retain their sleek appeal. Merely cleaning your car and keeping it indoors isn’t enough to maintain the glamor of a classic car. Caring for your classic car requires a bit more effort. 

Here are some tips for maintaining your classic car in a pristine condition!

Stick to original parts

Classics are classic for a reason: they don’t make them anymore like that. That’s why you should always try to replace broken parts in your classic car with a stock replacement. Only use modern replacements if the original is not available. Using modern replacements eventually reduces the value of your vehicle if you ever plan to resell it. 

Don’t overlook maintenance routines

Getting your car serviced is integral to keeping it in good condition, even if it is not a classic. But for classics, it becomes even more crucial as it will help you take care of any issues quickly and prevent further problems. During the routine maintenance of your car, you should check for the following things:

  • engine oil, and replace it if needed. 
  • the spark plugs, ignition wires, gas filters, rotors, and other essential parts. 
  • battery connections and coolants.
  • the tires. 

Regular cleaning and waxing

Your classic car’s exterior needs care and maintenance, just like the interiors. Keeping your car clean will help you maintain the sheen and color of your paint. Washing and drying your classic car isn’t enough to protect its paint. Don’t forget to wax your vehicle every six months to add a protective layer against elements and retain your classic car’s shine. 

 Keep your car protected

You would love to put your classic beauty on the road and at shows. However, whenever you are not using your car and keeping it stored for some time, ensure that you keep it protected. Use a good-quality car cover and store your vehicle inside your garage. If you don’t have a closed garage and are keeping your car outside, opt for a high-security storage unit for your vehicle. 

Take your car out for a spin

Cars do best when on the road, as that’s what they are made for. So, if you want to keep your classic car in good condition, take it out at least once or twice a month. Not driving your car regularly creates a lot of problems. The engine rubbers and seals dry up, causing various problems in your vehicle. Drive it as much as possible, but if you can’t manage that, do it at least once or twice a month. 

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